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We are a family run farm that provides fresh water buffalo dairy and meat products to our local community and beyond.

What makes Kampkreek Dairies Special?

Kampkreek Dairies is an operation built by five siblings in a continuation of a third generation farm. Our goal is to provide fresh water buffalo dairy products from our farm to your home. Water buffalo milk provides a higher fat and protein content than conventional cows milk which is great for overall health. We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do!
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Farm Fresh Milk

Farm fresh water buffalo milk from our family to yours - raised with care in Stratford, Ontario.

Quality Meat & Cheese

Our family owned and operated farm produces a wide variety of water buffalo meat and dairy products, available in our store. Water buffalo meat is low fat, high protein, and has a wonderful flavour. 

Wholesale & Fundraising 

If you are interested in wholesaling our products, or in selling them as part of a fundraiser, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water Buffalo aren't the most common animals to see in Ontario. Here are some of the most asked questions we get.
Do your water buffalo live in water?
No, we house the animals in a barn where they have free access to feed and water.
Aren’t water buffalo tropical animals?
Yes they are normally in more tropical environments.
Are the water buffalo raised organically?
No, we are not certified organic, but all are animals are hormone and drug free.
How can water buffalo live in the cold?
In the barn they generate their own heat and in the summer we open up the sides to allow lots of air flow and because they are inside they have shade.
What are the water buffalo fed?
They are fed hay and other forages grown on our farm, with a small amount of corn for nice flavour finish.
Am I able to get regular delivery of your products?
Absolutely! Email us at info@kampkreekdairies.ca to be added to our regular delivery email list. Our request for regular deliveries (weekly/biweekly) is that orders are $50+.
I don’t fit within the home delivery area. Am I still able to get your products?
Absolutely! Smoked products can be shipped Canada wide via Canada post for an additional cost. Fresh/Frozen products can be shipped throughout Ontario via a courier service for an additional cost as well. If interested in either of these options, please email us at info@kampkreekdairies.ca and let us know how we can help you and we would love to do our best to arrange something with you.
What is the delivery schedule & areas?
Home delivery schedule is on a bi-weekly basis. To see which week you would be receiving delivery depending on your location, check out our delivery schedule.

Our delivery areas are the GTA, KW, London, and Windsor. If you are unsure if your address fits for home delivery, please first check using our postal code checker or send us an email to info@kampkreekdairies.ca and we will do our best to let you know if home delivery is an option for you.

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